Of This and That

The last few months have been busy, both with work and a few unfortunate health issues cropping up, no thanks to the absolutely indeterminate weather that vacillates between extreme heat and sudden coolness. But I’m happy to share a few acceptances that have come my way: The Curse of the Working Mother in So Glad… More Of This and That

Fictional research: a quick tour of seven contemporary novels

Today I am delighted to welcome debut author Anne Goodwin to my blog! I stumbled upon her blog Annecdotal while reading her illuminating post on the Black Fox Literary magazine, and ever since I’ve been a fan of her and her writing. Her debut novel Sugar and Snails was out last week. I’ll hand it… More Fictional research: a quick tour of seven contemporary novels

5 Tips for Getting Published in a Lit Mag

Most writers of short stories and essays follow a set pattern for getting their stories published – write, revise, find markets, submit. Writers often find themselves submitting stories only to receive endless rejections. There are a few additional measures that writers can adopt if they wish to increase their chances of acceptance into a literary… More 5 Tips for Getting Published in a Lit Mag

Writing Resources

Over the last few years I’ve built up a set of links that help me with my writing in terms of advice as well as markets. Given below are a few of my go-to sites that sit prettily bookmarked in my browser:   Resources for Markets: WritingCareer.com This is a veritable treasure trove of paying… More Writing Resources

The Red Ants

I’d thought I’d try something a little different this time and post one of my stories on the blog. This one was published last year in eFiction India. I am reprinting it here for your reading pleasure. Do read and tell me what you think. # “Let’s play football.” Tina chases the ball around the… More The Red Ants